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BakervilleUMC | Visiting FAQ
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What to expect at BUMC

Often visiting a new location, especially a church, is intimidating, we understand. So, if you are thinking about visiting BUMC, we’d love to have you as our guest!  We want everyone who attends to feel welcome, comfortable, and most importantly, we will not put you on the spot. We might do some embarrassing things, but we want you to feel right at home— as part of the family of God. We put together a list of questions you might be asking yourself as a first-time guest:

How should I dress?
From the outside of our building we may appear to be a “Wear Your Sunday Best” church. Actually, we are pretty casual at BUMC. Many come to worship wearing jeans, but there are usually a few people who are a little dressier. Bottom line — you will probably be comfortable in anything from shorts and a t-shirt to a shirt and tie.

What do I do when I arrive?
We encourage guests to arrive 10-minutes before the service begins. We have two entrances, the front double-doors or if you really want to blend in, drive around to the parking and enter through the back in the rear welcome center. At either entrance you will be greeted by our Welcome Volunteers and given a program with the order of worship, a connection card, and any other important information you will need. Children are encouraged to attend the Service with their families and will be called to participate in a message just for them during our time together.

Is there a separate place to take my child?
We encourage families to worship together, so if your child is a more squirmish or jibberish (we don’t mind) but if you do, the service is video fed into our Fellowship Hall just for these kinds of incidences. However, there is a point in the Service where we will call the children forward for a Message prepared just for them. At the conclusion of the message, children the ages of 6 and below are welcome to adjourn to the B Kidz room where they will be taken care of and have a great time. For your assurance and safety of your child, we have a link to our Safe Sanctuary program here.

What is your style of worship?
The simple answer is, we have a blended worship experience. Our order of worship for most Sundays would include:


Welcome Prayer & Announcements:

We enter our time together with a prayer to the Lord to enter among us as we gather to lift Him high. This is also the time when you get to know all the happenings of the church to not miss anything exciting that God is doing in and among His people.


Call to Worship:

A responsive action-oriented reading to prepare us to enter into a series of praise songs. These worship tunes are chosen to get our hearts prepared to receive the Word of God.


Message to the Young at Heart:

We call the children and youth up front to offer them a specific Word of encouragement in their faith and allow the young-at-heart to reflect on the Christian mentoring we have in bringing these young Christians up in the faith.


Presentation of Self & Gifts:

During this time, we take an offering of not only our resources, but the giving of ourselves to the Lord as servants for His use in this world.


The Word:

Scriptural reading(s) and the sermon. This is usually followed by a prayer of response.


Hymn & Benediction:

A traditional Hymn is usually sung as the final celebration, yet while our service here has now ended, our worship has not ended because our worship never ends. Now go in peace to love and serve the Lord and to love and serve His people!


Healing Prayer Time:

At the conclusion of every service, an invitation to come to the altar will be given for those who would like healing prayer by the BUMC Prayer Team. These are trained individuals who will intercede on your behalf and listen to your needs for healing, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Where do I park?
There is a flow to the traffic when you arrive at BUMC. You will enter through the drive closest to the church building and flow around into the parking lot. When you are ready to leave, you will exit by using the drive furthest from the buildings. Just remember, it’s like a big U — enter thru one drive, exit thru the other!

What if inclement weather happens?
If weather conditions make it necessary to cancel our Worship Service(s), tune in to Channel 3 (WFSB) or Channel 30 (NBC) for cancellation announcements.

What if I want to rent the facility for a Wedding or Party?
Our facility is available for rent following the criteria set by the Trustees of the church and church grounds. For an application and Terms of Use Agreement, please visit our Special Events section of our site here.